Why Doesn't My FTP Password Change When I Change My cPanel Password?

When you change your cPanel password within cPanel, the primary FTP account for the cPanel account will automatically be updated to be consistent with your cPanel login.

For instructions on how to change your cPanel password, please refer to the following article:

If your primary FTP password does not update, please contact HostGator support so that the two passwords can be synchronized.

Please allow 24 hours for your FTP password to sync with your cPanel password. If the password does not work after 24 hours, please contact HostGator support.

Addon FTP Accounts

If the password you wish to change is for an addon FTP account, changing the cPanel password will have no effect on that account's password. Unlike the primary FTP account which is linked to the cPanel login, the password for addon FTP accounts must be updated manually using the steps below:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Files section, click on the FTP Accounts icon.
  3. Under FTP Accounts, next to the desired account, click Change Password.
  4. Enter your new password twice in the fields provided.
  5. Click Change Password.

For more information on FTP, please refer to the following article: