Upgrading or Downgrading Your Weebly Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your Weebly account at any time directly through the Weebly interface in cPanel.  This allows you to add or remove the Pro and/or eCommerce packages. 

Note: Weebly is activated for an individual domain or subdomain per installation. You may have multiple instances of Weebly active on different domains and/or subdomains. Installing, upgrading, downgrading or canceling Weebly on one domain or subdomain in your account does not affect Weebly installations on other domains or subdomains.

By default you have Weebly Basic, and you can optionally add Pro and eCommerce which can be added separately or at the same time.

Add Weebly to a Domain or Subdomain

Before you can upgrade or downgrade, you will need to activate Weebly on your domain or subdomain.

Adding or Removing Pro and/or eCommerce

If you have already activated Weebly on your account, you can add or remove the addons in the Weebly section of cPanel.

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Click on the Weebly icon in the Software/Services section.
    Weebly icon in cPanel
  3. Please select a domain from the drop down list to work on.
    Plese select a domain.
  4. Click on the Change link.
    Change Plan Link
  5. Log in using your billing credentials (if not already logged in)
    Billing login
  6. Check or uncheck the addons you wish to add or remove.

Select Weebly Addon Pro and/or eCommerce

  1. Accept the Terms of Service by checking the box.
  2. Click on the Submit Order button.*
    Submit Order
  3. Congratulations! Your order has been processed and the changes to your plan have been completed!
  4. Click on the Finished button.

*The Submit Order button only works if you made a change to your plan and have accepted the Terms of Service. It will appear gray and not work until then.

Canceling Weebly

Removing the Pro or eCommerce package using the directions above will remove that addon and cancel it so that you will no longer be invoiced for it.  You will still have Weebly Basic available for that domain or subdomain.

If you want to completely stop using Weebly for a domain, simply delete the existing Weebly site and upload a new website to the correct folder on the server (such as the public_html for the primary domain name).  Be sure to backup any files you may need, such as images, before deleting them.