IdAuthority Credentials not available for this site

If you see this, it is because you have an SSL certificate which does not support IDAuthority.

If you want everyone to see your IdAuthority Credentials, you will need to purchase at least the Instant SSL certificate (starting at $150 per year).

The Positive SSL does not support IdAuthority.

Um, what does IdAuthority do?

IdAuthority is a certification operated by Comodo, our trusted SSL issuer. IdAuthority is a central repository of website identities and the credentials of the people behind the website. A growing number of applications and services are using the IdAuthority in order to provide identity assurance to their users.

Your TrustLogo (corner of trust) is powered by IdAuthority in order to provide trust, confidence, and peace of mind through the world's only realtime identity assurance infrastructure. Read more about the trust seals at: Do you have a seal I can place on my site?