Comodo SSL Order Form

HostGator is teaming up with Comodo to offer you a range of SSL certificates to secure your online transactions and protect you and your customers. Comodo certificates feature 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 bit encryption to make sure sensitive information can be sent and received with confidence - and Comodo stands behind their products with warranties of up to $1,750,000!

You can review and order Comodo SSL certificates through HostGator's form available here. (You can also access this form via your cPanel by clicking "Install an SSL!" in the sidebar.)

This article will provide a walk through of the order form. Just follow the steps below to order your new Comodo SSL certificate and start protecting your site today!.

Initial Ordering Information

These first steps gather some basic information about the type of Comodo SSL certificate you wish to order and the domain and package to install it to.

Which package would you like to purchase an SSL for?

This step automatically displays all of your current HostGator packages - just select the one you would like to protect!

Step 1


What type of SSL Certificate do you want?

You can select from several types of Comodo SSL certificates, from the basic Positive to the extra-trusted Comodo Extended Validation.

The basic Positive SSL offers secure connections for a low rate. The new Comodo SSL is our best value, with a $250,000 warranty level to give you peace of mind. The Positive Wildcard SSL secures your primary domain like a typical SSL certificate but can protect multiple subdomains as well. Finally, the Comodo Extended Validation SSL provides the highest level of confidence for your site's visitors - backed by Comodo's highest warranty!

Clicking the infomation icon will provide more information on each type of certificate.

Step 2

How long would you like to purchase this SSL for?

You may select up to three years of coverage initially. Your certificate will secure your site for as long as you require, and when it expires the certificate can be reissued to your domain again.

Step 4


What domain would you like to install your SSL certificate on?

You can choose which of your domains will be covered by this SSL. Only one domain on a shared package can have an SSL certificate installed. However, Comodo's Positive Wildcard SSL can cover multiple subdomains of your primary domain!

Step 5


Contact and Certificate Information

The information in these next steps will be used by Comodo both to verify your purchase and create your certificate, so it is very important that this information is correct and matches the WHOIS information for your domain.

Contact Info

This section should be completed fully and correctly. For faster validation, Comodo may contact you by phone to verify your order and issue your certificate as quickly as possible.

Step 6

Same as customer contact information

To make it easier for you, checking this box will automatically populate the Certificate Info contact fields with the identical information you placed in the Contact Info step.

Certificate info

The information you enter in the Certificate Info section is actually incorporated into your Comodo SSL certificate itself. All Comodo SSL certificates require this information to be accurate, and the Comodo Extended SSL (also known as the "green bar" SSL for the color it displays in your visitor's browser) uses it to verify your business details for that extra level of trust for your site.

Step 7

Finalizing Your Order

The last steps will complete your Comodo SSL certificate order and give you a chance to review your total before making your purchase.

Dedicated IP

Your SSL certificate secures your domain name by using a dedicated IP address. You can designate a dedicated IP to use (if you already have one available on your package) or order a new IP for this certificate. Remember, HostGator's Business package includes a free dedicated IP address and Positive SSL certificate.

Step 9



This shows the total for your SSL certificate order, and this figure will automatically adjust to reflect your order as you modify it. Click the check box to authorize the charge for your order - you cannot be charged until you check this box , so feel free to explore your options before ordering!

Step 10


Order SSL

Click Order SSL to place your Comodo SSL certificate order. Your HostGator account will be invoiced for only the amount you authorized, and your Comodo verification process will begin as soon as you click.

Step 11

Please contact us via phone or Live Chat if you have any questions or require assistance.

About SSL

SSLSSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website. It is required to be used on e-commerce sites when accepting credit card payments online.

HostGator Business and Enterprise hosting plans include a Comodo Private SSL Certificate. Several types of SSL Certificates are also available for purchase separately from HostGator and can be added to most hosting plans.