Can I transfer my current SSL to my new hosting?

You can retain your current Comodo SSL certificate or Third Party SSL certificate and install it on your new hosting account. The certificate will be used for the same domain name.

If you already own a Comodo or Third Party SSL certificate, you can either request an installation via the Billing Portal for a fee of $10.00 or you can install the SSL certificate using cPanel using the instructions within the following article:

Note: The only consideration from the take your SSL is that you cannot take the FreeSSL with you to a new host. The Free SSL will be reissued automatically assuming that the domain is pointed to the new HostGator server.

About SSL

SSLSSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website. It is required to be used on e-commerce sites when accepting credit card payments online.

HostGator Business and Enterprise hosting plans include a Comodo Private SSL Certificate. Several types of SSL Certificates are also available for purchase separately from HostGator and can be added to most hosting plans.