I'm Going to Purchase My Own SSL. What Do I Need to Know?

The following details are important to keep in mind when preparing to purchase an SSL certificate:

  • HostGator sells SSL certificates, and installation and support are included. You will find more information on our most popular SSL offerings here:

  • Our cPanel servers are compatible with WHM/cPanel certificates (alternatively, you can use Apache+ModSSL certificates or Apache+OpenSSL certificates.)

  • HostGator Reseller, VPS or Dedicated Servers clients with WHM access may choose to install their own SSL certificates. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:
    Note: We will install SSLs free of charge on all managed Dedicated Servers.

  • If you shared package with HostGator, you will be able to install your own SSL certificates via cPanel. For more information please refer to the third-party SSL certificate article below:
  • Customers using Windows hosting requires a dedicated IP address. Dedicated Server clients can allocate one of their current IP addresses, or purchase a new one. A dedicated IP costs $4 per month (or $48 per year.) More information on dedicated IP addresses can be found here:
  • Customers hosting on Linux VPS or Dedicated servers using CentOS 5 require a dedicated IP address Your CentOS version is in the top of WHM. CentOS 5 is reaching its end of life, and it is advised that you upgrade to CentOS 6:
  • Shared plans (Hatchling, Baby and Business) can only support one IP address. If you need more than one IP address, you will need to purchase a second plan or upgrade to a Reseller plan. (Reseller, VPS and Dedicated plans support multiple IPs.)

  • We offer a free positive SSL certificate with the purchase of any Business or Windows Enterprise plan.

Fees for Installing Third-Party SSL Certificates

If you purchased your SSL certificate from HostGator, we will gladly install that SSL certificate free of charge. Installation of a third-party SSL certificate by HostGator administrators depends on the certificate type:

  • For a single domain, SSL the fee is $10
  • For a multi-domain, SSL the fee is $25 for up to 5 domains plus 5$ for each additional domain beyond the first 5.

We will install SSLs free of charge on all managed Dedicated Servers.

Renewing an SSL requires an installation of the new certificate and is subject to the installation fees above. For fewer installations, you may purchase a certificate that covers a 2 or 3-year term.

Installation Process for a Third-Party SSL Certificate

If the instructions do not load, they can be found in detail here.

Once these steps have been completed, we will install your SSL certificate. For a more detailed description of the installation process for third-party SSL certificates, please read: