Commonly Used Port Numbers

This is a list of commonly used ports, and does not include all possible ports that may be opened on a server.


  cPanel 2082
  cPanel - SSL 2083
  WHM 2086
  WHM - SSL 2087
  Webmail 2095
  Webmail - SSL 2096


  POP3 110
  POP3 - SSL 995
  IMAP 143
  IMAP - SSL 993
  SMTP 25
  SMTP Alternate 26
  SMTP Alternate 587
  SMTP - SSL 465


  HTTP 80
  SSL 443
  FTP 21
  FTPs 990
  SFTP 22
  SFTP Shared/Reseller Servers 2222
  Webdisk 2077
  Webdisk - SSL 2078
  MySQL 3306
  MSSQL 1433
  SSH 22
  SSH Shared/Reseller Servers 2222


  Plesk Control Panel 8880
  Plesk Control Panel - SSL 8443
  Plesk Linux Webmail N/A*
  Plesk Windows Webmail (SmarterMail) 9998**
  Virtuozzo 4643
  DotNet Panel 9001
  DotNet Panel Login 80
  RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) 4489

*Plesk Linux Webmail is available for access through port 80 via (replace with the target URL).

**SmarterMail may only be accessed without SSL, as any attempt to access SmarterMail via HTTPS will result in an error. Accessing email securely on a Windows Plesk server requires the use of a third party mail client through the standard POP3, IMAP, and SMTP SSL ports specified above.

Note: This page does not include all of the possible ports that may be opened, since it is a very huge list.

For security reasons, many unused ports are closed by default. In certain circumstances, we can open those ports for you. Please refer to our article on opening new ports for more information.