Spelling phonetically over the phone

At times it can be difficult to understand the person on the other end of the phone for many reasons. If you're having issues understanding a spelling or providing a spelling to someone else, you can use phonetics to help distinguish the letters in a word.

You can use the chart below as a reference for phonetic spelling.

A- Alpha H- Hotel O- Oscar V- Victor
B- Bravo I- India P- Papa W- Whiskey
C- Charlie J- Juliet Q- Quebec X- X-ray
D- Delta K- Kilo R- Romeo Y- Yankee
E- Echo L- Lima S- Sierra Z- Zulu
F- Foxtrot M- Mike T- Tango
G- Golf N- November U- Uniform 9- Nine-er


For example, the phonetic spelling of HostGator would be:

Hotel, Oscar, Sierra, Tango, Golf, Alpha, Tango, Oscar, Romeo