Indented pages or subpages or sidebar links

So many people ask us how to create those menu bars which only appear on certain pages. Typically, these are referred to as sub-menus, or side-bar menus.

The secret is very simple. Those pages are sub-pages.

Ok, how do I make subpages?

  1. Login to SiteBuilder.
  2. Go to step 3, "Pages".
  3. Under the right column called "Your site structure" is a list of your website's pages.
  4. Select the check box next to the page you want to be a sub-page.
  5. Under "Page position", click the "Right" button to indent the page to the right. This makes it a sub-page for the page listed directly above it.
  6. Under "Page position", click the "Up" button until the sub-page is under the parent page of your choice.
  7. Repeat for any sub-pages you desire.

Note that your results will vary depending on which template you use. Some of the templates already use the side-menu as the main menu, so the sub-menus may appear elsewhere.