How to Add/Remove an Email Account

By default, cPanel comes with one primary email account. Instead of using the default email account, we strongly recommend setting up a new email account using the steps below.

Note: If you are managing existing email accounts, we have an additional article regarding how to export and import mail from a mailbox. This may be used to create backups of your mail, as well as to migrate mail from one email address to another or from one server to another.

Users deleting email accounts may wish to use this feature to keep important messages.

Note: Your control panel may look slightly different depending on the theme you are using, however the steps will be the same for all themes based off of the X3 theme.

Create an Email Account

To create a new email account in cPanel:

  1. Go to the Mail section of cPanel and click Email Accounts.
  2. In the Email field, type the first part of the email address.
  3. In the adjacent drop-down menu after @, select the appropriate domain to associate with the email.
  4. For Password, enter a password for the email address. This will be useful later, when you set up Outlook or enter the email account via webmail.
  5. In the Password (again) field, enter the password again.
  6. For Mailbox Quota, select your preferred quota.
  7. Click Create Account.

Your new email account will appear in the table below the email account creation form.

Remove an Email Account

To delete an email account:

  1. Go to the Mail section of cPanel and click Email Accounts.
  2. In the table below the email account creation form, next to the email account you'd like removed, click Delete.

The email account and the emails within the account will be permanently deleted.