Selecting Multiple Classes - Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe continues to improve CSS management capabilities in CS6 through the addition of support for multiple classes. Learn how to apply multiple classes to elements at virtually any point through the CSS workflow in Dreamweaver.

How to Apply Multiple CSS Classes

There are several ways to apply multiple classes to sections in Dreamweaver.

  1. In Design View, click in the region of the section to which you plan to apply classes.
  2. On the bottom toolbar, near the Properties Inspector, click on <section> (the entire section should be highlighted as a result).
  3. Move down to the Properties Inspector and click the Targeted Rule drop down menu.
  4. Select Apply Multiple Classes.

You can directly apply multiple classes through these other two methods as well:

Alternative Method One

  1. Right click on <section>.
  2. Go to Set Class.
  3. Select Apply Multiple Classes.

Alternative Method Two

  1. Click <section>.
  2. From the top toolbar, select the Format menu.
  3. Select CSS styles.
  4. Select Apply Multiple Classes.

Once you get to the Multiclass Selection dialogue box, you can :

  • Apply multiple classes by typing the class name in the undefined class box
  • Select the classes through the scrollbar to be applied

Click OK, and the classes you selected will be applied immediately to your page in the design mode and in your coding.

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