ResellerClub - Restoring a Domain in the Redemption Grace Period

If a domain name is not renewed within the Renewal Grace Period, it will be queued for deletion at the end of the Renewal Grace Period and subsequently deleted. A domain name which has already been deleted will generally slip into the Redemption Grace Period only under the following circumstances:

  • Domain name was manually deleted by a request to ResellerClub's Technical Support Team.
  • Domain name was automatically deleted by our system as the domain name had expired and was not renewed until the end of the Renewal Grace Period.
A domain name will not slip into Redemption Grace Period under the following circumstances:
  • Domain name has been deleted in the Money Back Period.
  • Domain name has a pending back order.
Domain Redemption

Redeeming a domain name is costly, time consuming and (typically) must be done manually. The Redemption Grace Period is usually 30 days after the domain name is deleted. During this period, only the current registrar of the domain name can redeem the domain name.

If the domain name is not redeemed during this period, it will move to the Pending Delete status for five days. In this status, the domain name cannot be redeemed. After this period, the domain name would be available for fresh registration.

Note that some international TLDs have varying Redemption/Renewal Grace periods and/or policies.

How To Restore a Domain Name in the Redemption Grace Period

  1. Log into your ResellerClub Control Panel and proceed to the Order Information view.
  2. Click the Restore Domain Now button.
  3. Redeem the domain name by paying the generated Invoice.