I Paid All the Invoices That Were Due on My Account, Why Am I Still Suspended?

Shared hosting packages that have been suspended will not reactivate until all invoices on their billing account are paid. If there are no unpaid invoices, your shared hosting package may take up to 15 minutes to re-activate.

If you have a VPS or Dedicated server and have paid all of your invoices, or if you have invoices on your account that are not due that are unpaid for any type of hosting, you will need to contact us via phone or Live Chat to assist with re-activating your package.

Please note:  Any payment made will apply to the oldest invoice in your billing account. If there are multiple hosting packages, payment may have applied to a different plan than expected. This is why it is important to pay all past due invoices.
If your hosting plan remains suspended, please contact HostGator via phone or Live Chat.