I Already Canceled My Hosting, Why Am I Being Contacted to Pay?

Did You Follow the Proper Cancellation Procedure?


To cancel your account, you are required to submit this online form:

You're not done yet!

You will receive an email immediately confirming we have received your cancellation request. If you do not get this automated email back within 1 hour, we did not receive your cancellation request and you will be held responsible for any charges as a result.

Once you know we have your request, please allow us 48 hours to verify your identity and close your account. (Watch your email for a reply, in case you had a typo or provided some inaccurate information.) Your account will remain active until you receive our second email confirming you were canceled successfully.

Did You Cancel Your Domain Registration?

Any domain names that you have registered with HostGator will remain active and renew itself, per your billing method, on the domain name expiration date. If you wish to cancel the renewal on any domain name, please contact our Billing department via phone or Live Chat with the domain name(s) you wish to cancel. We will reply back to confirm we have ceased the billing and renewal.

You can also choose to renew your domain and hold it for later use, or to point it to any other web hosting account you may have by changing the name servers.

To renew, simply pay the invoice, otherwise please contact our Billing department via phone or Live Chat and let us know you would like the domain to expire and have us discontinue billing. (If you let the domain expire, you may not be able to get it back if someone else registers it.)

If you attempt to cancel any service and do not hear back from us, please check in with us via phone or live chat so we can confirm receipt of your request.