HostGator Reseller Plan Limits

HostGator currently offers 5 different tiers of reseller plans. Our Reseller plans are defined by the disk space and bandwidth limits. The limits for our plans beginning August 2016 are as follows:

Reseller Plan: Disk Space Bandwidth
Aluminum 60 GB 600 GB
Copper 90 GB 900 GB
Silver 140 GB 1,400 GB
Gold 180 GB 1,800 GB
Diamond 250 GB 2,500 GB

If you'd like to read more information to help decide which Reseller hosting plan is for you, please use the tabs on the left to read more regarding each HostGator Reseller plan.

Previous Limits

The chart below lists the HostGator disk space and bandwidth limitation values prior to our most recent increase in August 2016:

Note: These values are for archival purposes only, and HostGator no longer provides plans with these limits.
Reseller Plan: Disk Space Bandwidth
Aluminum 50 GB 500 GB
Copper 80 GB 700 GB
Silver 120 GB 1,000 GB
Gold 160 GB 1,200 GB
Diamond 200 GB 1,400 GB