You are charging me too much money on my PayPal account. Why can't you change my subscription payment?

If you are currently paying HostGator more than the amount due on your invoice, it is likely because you've created several, separate PayPal subscriptions, or have a single subscription for a larger amount than is required. HostGator will never bill your PayPal account for extra money.

Once a subscription has been created, PayPal does not allow the payment amount to be changed and any changes at all need to be made from inside of your PayPal account, which we cannot adjust on your behalf.

We now have PayPal Billing Agreements, which will let you pay all of your invoices automatically instead of setting up recuring payments for any bill you know you will have. To use billing agreements, please first cancel ALL of your current subscriptions.

Directions on canceling a PayPal subscription can be found in this article:

After you have cancelled all of your existing subscriptions, please follow the directions in the article below to start a PayPal Billing Agreement:

Please contact us via phone or Live Chat if you have any questions or require assistance.