SiteLock Activation & Access (in cPanel)

SiteLock is a special service offered for all HostGator customers that allows the scanning and inspection of your websites. This service is intended to protect your site's reputation by preventing the implementation of malware, SQL injections and cross-scripting which can result in customer data being stolen and your traffic being redirected. This article will provide a walkthrough of how to access and activate the SiteLock dashboard.

Purchasing Sitelock

Please refer to our article on how to order SiteLock for a complete step by step guide on how to order SiteLock from your billing Portal:

SiteLock Dashboard

The SiteLock dashboard allows users to edit their company name, contact phone number and address that was provided at the initial time of purchase. Users also have the ability to display their contact information when visitors click on their SiteLock seal. The dashboard features several buttons for quick access to static badge creation, messages, number of site pages scanned and the date of last scan.

  • Log into your Billing Portal
  • Perform the following actions to navigate to your SiteLock Dashboard:

    Click Here for the New Portal Experience

    1. Click the Hosting tab.
    2. Select the hosting package you purchased the SiteLock plan for from the drop down box.
    3. Click the SiteLock icon from your menu bar.
    4. Click the Dashboard icon under Manage and across from the domain for which you wish to manage.

If you have one of our Legacy SiteLock Plans, you will need to use the following steps to access your SiteLock Dashboard:

  1. Login to your cPanel and click the SiteLock icon from the Special Offers section.

  2. Click Access SiteLock next to the domain which you have purchased SiteLock for.

SiteLock has many more features accessible from the dashboard such as:

  • Security Scan Summary
  • Trusted Seal Graph
  • Trusted Site Seal

For a more detailed explanation of what is included in SiteLock's dashboard, please refer to the following article: