HostGator SEO Tools FAQ

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I don’t understand anything about SEO and just seeing all these technical terms overwhelms me!

I don’t have time for SEO! How long will this take me every day?

I want to change the domain I am optimizing, how do I do this?

How are you different from every other SEO tool out there?

How long will it take for my website to appear in the main search engines?

How effective is our services to help us with SEO and gain more hits for our website?

How is my score calculated?

I have the Grow package. Do I need to wait for 24 hours to see if I have implemented correctly the tasks?

I would like to optimize my web for 2 countries. Can I do this on the same account?

Does the HostGator SEO Tools make the changes on my site for me?


Will my Competitors know I am ‘spying’ on them?

I don’t know who my competitors are. What happens then?


How do I set up my keywords? Do I have any help from you to select the correct keywords for my business/site?

Can I change the keywords that I set at the beginning?

Why does a dash ’-’ appear next to keywords I select, under Volume?