Invoicing and Automatic Billing

As of June 19, 2014, HostGator's invoicing and automatic billing policy has changed. Among the benefits this new policy gives are longer time frames for payment for our customers with longer billing cycles.

This article addresses the following information:

Invoicing and Automatic Payment Dates

HostGator will generate invoices and process automatic payments based on the information below. Your automatic payment date may change, depending upon your billing cycle and the product in question.

Item(s) Renewing
Renewal Cycle
Invoice Generation Time
Automatic Charge of Invoice
Hosting Packages/
Addon Services:
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
6 days prior to Renewal 5 days prior to Renewal
Hosting Packages/
Addon Services:
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
45 days prior to Renewal 15 days prior to Renewal
Domain renewals 1 Year 30 days prior to Renewal 15 days prior to Renewal

Grace periods and payment windows

Though there is a 6 or 45 day window between invoice generation and the beginning of the next billing cycle for hosting and added services, we also provide an additional grace period to make payment. If the invoice is still unpaid on the 10th day after the due date, hosting services will be suspended. Domain names expire on the due date of the invoice. This leaves a payment window of the following:

  • Hosting & Services renewing less than annually: 16 days
  • Hosting & Services renewing annually or greater: 55 days
  • Domain names renewals: 30 days

Notification policy

For your convenience, we will not send notification to you on invoice generation if you have a card on file for automatic billing. However, if we are unable to successfully charge your card(s) on file, we will attempt to notify you. To help you avoid account suspension and data loss, we will attempt to contact you via the following methods:

  • We will attempt to contact you via email the day your invoice payment fails.
  • 5 Days after a due invoice we will send a follow up email and an automated call will attempt to notify you by phone.
  • 9 Days after a due invoice we will attempt to contact you via email and phone as a final notice prior to suspension.
  • 10 Days after a due invoice we will provide email notification of the suspension of service.
  • 18 Days after a due invoice we will attempt to provide final notice via phone before removing your data from the server.

If you choose to disable automatic billing by removing all card(s) from your account, you will receive notifications any time an invoice is created.

Automatic Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card Automatic Payments

You can enable automatic billing by placing one or more credit/debit cards on file. When it is time for any of your open invoices to be paid, we will attempt to charge your card(s) on file in priority order.

PayPal Automatic Payments

Please see our article on setting up a PayPal Billing Agreement to set up automatic payments.

If you have any questions regarding your HostGator invoicing or automatic payments, please contact us via phone or Live Chat and we will be happy to answer them for you.