Important Notes About Changing Your Primary Domain

(Part 2 of 3 of How to Change Your Primary Domain)

Previous Primary Domain Name

As mentioned in the Pre-Change Checklist, you will need to re-add the previous primary domain as an addon domain if you want it to be a separate site. Alternately, if you want the previous primary domain name and the new primary domain name to show the same site, you can set up the old primary domain name as a parked domain instead; this will cause both domains to show the same content (specifically, the content located in the /public_html folder).


When you change the primary domain on your account, the subdomain names will automatically update from to If you want one or more of your subdomains to continue to use the previous primary domain name, you will need to re-add the subdomain and specify the existing subdomain folder as the document root.

Private Name Servers

Changing the primary domain on your account does not automatically create new private name servers. The private name servers with the previous domain name will keep working, provided that domain is still active. If you would like to set up private name servers using your new primary domain name, you should follow the same directions and use the same IP addresses you used for setting up your previous private name servers.

Email Accounts and Email Forwarders

When you change the primary domain on your account, the email addresses will automatically update. For example, will become If you want to continue using the old primary domain name for emails, you will need to re-setup those email addresses either as email accounts or email forwarders.


WHMCS must be updated to match any domain name changes. Please contact our Billing department via phone or Live Chat so your WHMCS license can be updated (Reseller and Dedicated Server customers get a free license for WHMCS).