How to Use SpamAssassin - Advanced

Apache SpamAssassin can be highly customized to suit different scenarios and environments. This article provides links to information and tools which will be useful for advanced SpamAssassin users.

Useful Information

SpamAssassin is an open-source project of the Apache Software Foundation, and the links in this section direct you to pages from the ASF's support wiki. These links will open in new tabs. Please note that HostGator cannot offer direct support for the information provided below.

Configuration File Generator

The following external link directs you to a tool to generate a new SpamAssassin configuration file:

Once you generate the new file, save it as /home/cpuser/.spamassassin/user_prefs on your account. You can then manually edit the file. A few useful options are listed below:

  • required_score - Defines the required score for SpamAssassin. 5 is default; 1 is the most strict (allows the least amount of spam but may filter too much); 10 is the least strict (allows the most amount of spam but may filter too little).
  • whitelist_from - Allows email from the specified address or domain. Syntax is:
  • blacklist_from - Denies email from the specified address or domain. Syntax is:

For complete information on SpamAssassin configuration file options, see this article from the Apache Software Foundation:

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