How to Manage Files Using LeapFTP

An FTP connection must be made in order to manage files via FTP.

To create a directory folder, right click on an empty spot and select Create Directory. To which, you can name the folder and click OK (the system automatically drops inside of the new folder. you can navigate out by clicking the green upward arrow. )

To view the contents of your site folder, right click on an empty spot and select explore, the operating system opens up a new window.

To create a new file, right click on an empty space within the directory > New > Select file type. Upon doing so, you will then be prompted to name the file.

To manage your files by means of uploading/downloading the file, add it to a queue or schedule the file for upload at a later time, upload the file directly by sending the domain to domain name or open the file for editing, right click on the file directly and choose to proper option.

To select multiple files, click on one file then hold the ctrl button as the other files are selected. Files are moved by dragging and dropping from one side of the FTP screen to the other or over other folders.

Permissions can be modified on the remote side by right clicking the file to be modified and selected chmod. When selecting chmod, a popup will appear and the file permissions can be typed into the Access Mask and click OK.

To delete a file, right click on the file then select the delete option.