How to Activate Weebly for a Domain or Subdomain

You can add Weebly to any of your domains or subdomains on your shared hosting account directly in cPanel. Weebly is not currently available on reseller, VPS or dedicated servers yet.

By activating Weebly on a domain or subdomain, your Weebly website will replace any existing website you have there. If you have an existing site, please backup any files you want to keep before continuing.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click on the Weebly icon in the Software/Services section.
    Weebly icon in cPanel
  3. Please select a domain from the drop down list to work on.
    Plese select a domain.
  4. Click on Create Account, which will open a new window or tab.
    Create Account button
  5. Click OK where it warns you your existing site (if any) will be deleted and replaced with your new Weebly website.
    Are you sure you want to delete your files?
  6. Wait a few seconds while it configures your account for first use, and displays the Weebly
  7. Begin designing your website.

Visit our Getting Started Guide for articles and videos on how to build your website with Weebly.