How to Access Webmail - Plesk

You can access webmail directly via URL or from within the Plesk control panel.

Direct Access to Webmail via your Domain Name

Once your domain has propagated, you can access your webmail by visiting:

Be sure to substitute your domain name where is says "" in the above example.

Access to Webmail via Plesk Control Panel

You can also access your webmail inside Plesk:

  1. Click on the "Mail" tab
    Mail Icon
  2. Click on the "Web Mail" icon to the far right of the e-mail address you want to pull up in Web Mail. It should look like the following:
    Web Mail Icon


Plesk provides a program called SmarterMail for accessing your webmail. SmarterMail is a web based mail program equivalent to cPanel's webmail programs that allows users and server administrators to access their web based mail anytime and anywhere.

Note: SmarterMail is a Windows based webmail application, and is not available on Linux packages. To utilize this service you must have a Windows Hosting package. 

If your domain has not propagated yet, you can access SmarterMail with the following URLs:


Be sure to substitute your server's IP address where it says "your.server.ip.address" in the above example.


Be sure to substitute your server's hostname where it says "servername" in the above example.

Keep in mind that email will not be delivered to SmarterMail unless you setup the proper DNS. This can be accomplished either by changing the name servers to HostGator based name servers or creating an MX record pointing to your hosting account.