HostGator Website Builder - Getting Started

This article will walk you through activating and loading the editor for a new HostGator Website Builder website. If you want to know more about the available plans and features for our Website Builder, you can read more at the article below:

To activate and get started with using a HostGator Website Builder:

Click Here for the New Portal Experience

  1. Log into your Billing Portal.
  2. Click the Hosting tab, select the hosting package your domain is installed on from the dropdown menu, then click the Website Builder:

  3. Choose the plan that best meets your needs then click the Build Now or Buy Now button to proceed:

  4. Select the domain you wish to activate the Website Builder for, and click the Continue button:

  5. If you selected a premium plan, you will be prompted to select a billing cycle and create an invoice (If you selected the free plan, skip to the next step):

  6. Hover your mouse over the template you wish to use and click the Select button to continue:

    Warning: When you click the select button, you will be taken immediately to the editor without further confirmation.
  7. Once the Builder has loaded the Getting Started Tour will be offered.


  8. You'll now be taken to the HostGator Website Builder editor where you'll be able to edit and publish your new website!