Free Publicity

Once you have published your website, you will want to start sending people there to convert new customers, encourage repeat business, and facilitate referrals from existing customers.

These are two of the most common and effective ways to market your business online for free:

Some additional considerations that you will need to be aware of when approaching these methods of marketing are available below:

Social Media

A good way to start is by announcing your new website to your own personal and professional social circles via social media. This method is free, requires little time and skill to initiate, and has the potential to be highly effective when done well.

After you have reaped the immediate benefits of an initial social media announcement, it tends to provide diminishing returns for sending new traffic to your business without a significant increase in level of expertise and time invested in this marketing approach.

In addition to sending information out via social media, you will also want to tell any relevant online communities, review websites, search engines, and business directories about your business.

HostGator offers both do-it-yourself and fully managed solutions for many of the concerns above. Speak with a HostGator Small Business Consultant about your specific needs or to get started using any of these services.

Email Communication

Many businesses make use of an email list to keep their customer base engaged. You can start a plain text email list relatively easily with most email applications.

Due to email saturation of today's market, you want to consider a few points for each email you send:

  • Is the subject line of the email interesting enough where most people will at least click for a preview?
  • Does the email content have visually appealing and professional look to further draw people in to read the content?
  • Is the content brief, engaging, and actionable so that anyone reading it can quickly digest the message and act upon it?
  • Does your email campaign conform to all spam laws and require a double opt-in in order to be added to your mailing list?

It is possible to set up and maintain your own mailing list with no extra cost within your cPanel account. The article below will provide more information about how to create and maintain your own mailing list:

HostGator has a partnership with industry leader Constant Contact to provide 3 free months to assist our customers in sending engaging, professional, and legally compliant emails to your mailing lists.

Other Considerations

While word-of-mouth, business cards, and other traditional methods are completely acceptable ways to drive traffic to your site, Digital Marketing campaigns are now the preferred avenue because:

  • They make it easy for potential customers to click through to your site.
  • You can track where visitors came from and what they did while they were on your website.
  • They can quickly and easily be adjusted to improve performance.

There are several free tools like Google Analytics that can help you monitor customer behavior on your website.