G Suite Troubleshooting

HostGator includes tools to automatically set up G Suite, however if errors still occur after this a number of things could be the cause. This article contains troubleshooting and advanced configuration information for the DNS records and additional features which are available in Google mail to help users transition or correct errors that may have occurred after initial setup.

G Suite DNS Settings

The full functionality of G Suite requires that the DNS for your domain be configured to point its MX records to Google. In addition to this you will need to have a properly configured SPF record and point certain subdomains to Google so that your G Suite features may be accessed through your domain. If you're using HostGator nameservers you will need to make these changes in two different places on your cPanel. If you are hosting your DNS somewhere else then you will need to contact your DNS provider if you need assistance with creating or modifying these records.

G Suite Mail Limits

Click here to expand the full list of Google Mail limits

Setup MX Records

Click here for a full list of MX records and instructions for how to implement them in cPanel.

Setup CNAME and TXT Records

Click here for a full list of the recommended TXT and CNAME records and how to implement them in cPanel.

Import and Organize Messages From Other Accounts

Click here to see the full list of instructions for setting up filters for an email account you wish to import and directions for importing email accounts.

Import Contacts into G Suite

Click here for full instructions for importing CSV contact files into your Google contacts.

Browsers Supported by Google

Click here for a full list of browsers which Google offers support for with the use of G Suite.

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