Cloud Sites - Server Usage Dashboard

From your Server Usage Dashboard you will be able to upgrade or downgrade your CPU and RAM, view your page load speed, server uptime, site availability, and even carefully monitor your CPU and Memory usage:

Access the Server Usage Dashboard

To access your Server Usage Dashboard from your HostGator Billing Portal:

  1. Click the Hosting tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select your Cloud Sites account from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Server Performance icon from the menu bar at the top of the page.

From this Dashboard you will be able to both monitor the performance of your website as well as upgrade or downgrade your resources to appropriately match your resources to your usage.

Upgrade/Downgrade Resources

You will want to match your CPU and Memory to your regular usage. Ideally, in order to be prepared for spikes of traffic, your normal usage should not go over 50% of your available CPU usage, and 70% at peak usage. If your normal usage is higher than this, it is recommended that you purchase additional CPU cores.

Additional CPU cores and RAM may be adjusted once every 24 hours. If you increase or decrease your CPU cores or RAM, these options will be grayed out until the next day.

To change the number of additional CPU or Memory which you have purchased from your Server Usage Dashboard:

  1. Click the Update Hosting Plan button at the top right hand corner of your dashboard:

  2. Increase or decrease the number of additional CPU Cores or Memory using the sliders under Customize Your Hosting Plan:

  3. Click the Update Plan button to select payment options and complete your order.

Your resources will now be adjusted to match your new selection.

Additionally you can upgrade your plan to receive the features as well as additional resources of a different hosting plan or billing cycle for your plan from this same panel:

  1. Click the Update Hosting Plan button at the top right hand corner of your dashboard:

  2. Click the Hosting Plan tab at the top of the menu:

  3. Under your desired plan, select the desired billing cycle from the drop down menu, then click the Select Plan button.

Your plan will now be adjusted to match your desired plan and billing cycle.

Page Load Speed and Server Uptime

Cloud Sites provides you with some excellent tools to ensure your page is running at the fastest speeds and report your uptime and availability:

The Page Load Speed statistic will tell you how quickly your site loads when a visitor attempts to access it. The Server Uptime monitor lets you know your average server uptime.

Site Availability and Visitor Stats

The next section of your dashboard will provide you with information about which locations in the world your site is accessible from, as well as information about your visitors, the bandwidth they're using, how many visitors you have, and how many times they visited your page.

The following statistics are in the Visitors Stats section:

  • Bandwidth: The amount of bandwidth your visitors are using.
  • Visitors: The number of unique visitors to your site.
  • Hits: The number of times your page is accessed by visitors.

CPU and Memory Usage Monitor

In this section you may measure how much of your allotted CPU and Memory your site is using at any given time:

HostGator advises that if your average site load is above 50% or your peak site load is over 70% that you increase your resources to better server your site to visitors.