Can I Use My Account and My Site Even Though My Domain Name Hasn't Propagated Yet?

Can a Website Be Used Without a Domain Name?

Until a domain name is provided or available, users can modify their hosts file on their local computer to view what a domain would look like on a server. Please bear in mind that webhosting must be purchased to do so.

For more information about modifying your hosts file to view a server with a domain that is not pointed to it, please refer to the article below:

Can My Hosting Account Be Used Without a Domain Name?

Until a domain name has been propagated, users can access their hosting control panel and webmail via the server webmail address consisting of a server IP address and a port.

Control Panel URLs

Your control panel can be accessed directly with the server IP rather than with your domain. Please refer to the listing below for what URL can be used based on your account type and what you need to access.

Service URL format
cPanel https://ip-address:2083
Webmail https://ip-address:2096
WHM https://ip-address:2087
Plesk https://ip-address:8443
Virtuozzo (VZ) https://ip-address:4643

(Replace ip-address with your server's IP address.)