What Version of PHP Are You Using?

The default version of PHP on your server depends on your hosting type. Please see the chart below for a breakdown of versions and availability by hosting type. The following information is covered in this article:

Please note: Secondary installs of PHP — any installation of PHP that is outside what is managed via cPanel — are free.

What Version of PHP am I Using?

With a variety of available PHP versions it can be difficult to identify which version your site is taking advantage of. This can be even more challenging to determine given that PHP versions are defined in the .htaccess file, meaning that subfolders can inherit the versions their parent directories are using.

The easiest way to be certain what version of PHP a folder is using is to create a phpinfo.php file in that directory and navigate to it. The top of the phpinfo page will tell you what version of PHP is being referenced by that directory.

The following article will provide instructions for how to create and visit a phpinfo.php file:

How Do I Change My PHP Version?

HostGator provides a PHP Configuration plugin on our Shared and Reseller server cPanels that allows setting the PHP version for specific directories and domains. Please see the following link for information on using this plugin: