Conversions Through Your Website

Once you have a live website that is receiving traffic, one question remains: How many conversions or customers is your website actually producing?

If you followed along with our Free Publicity article, you probably have tracking set up on your website and can answer this question. Using Google Analytics, you can improve your tracking by creating a sequence of goals to determine which step(s) of your conversion process may need improvement.

Note: You can learn more about the types of goals that Google Analytics can track from here.

If you have everything set up but are not getting the volume and quality of traffic you want using the do-it-yourself methods, it may be time to step up your game with some professionally managed search marketing.

Here is a short website checklist that can cause significant improvement to your conversion rate:

  1. Appearance - Compare your website to your 5 closest competitors:

    Consider: At first glance, does your website look as attractive, professional, and friendly as your competitors?

    Tip: Shoppers buy from the business they feel most confident with. Visible endorsements via seals and badges from an SSL, a website security company, business organizations, and rating/review websites can all boost visitor confidence.

  2. Ease of use - The #1 rule of business is to make it easy to buy:

    Consider: How quickly can a customer buy on your website?

    Tip: Make conversions easier for your visitors by immediately prompting them to perform an an action. This can be done with prominent "Buy Now", "Subscribe", or "Donate" buttons, depending on your business model.

  3. Customer experience - Using your website should be a pleasant, intuitive experience:

    Consider: Is every step of the conversion process clear, simple, and necessary?

    Tip: Go through your website as a customer, or watch someone who has never seen the website before. Their candid feedback can help identify unclear text and hard to find elements.

If you have further questions about how to make your website a profitable piece of your overall business plan, please reach out to our Small Business Consultants.