How to Use the Support Portal

Our Support Portal has a number of features designed to make it possible to find the help you need, and even find resources to accomplish everything you need. This guide will provide information and tips about all the methods for using the Support Portal:

In the search tool at the top of this page, you can type in whatever topic you need help with. As you type, you may see some results below the search field. You may click one of the suggestions, or you may finish typing and click Search:

Search Tips

Click here to display a few tips for searching the knowledge base.

Advanced Tips

Not finding what you're looking for? Click here to display a list of advanced tips for searching.

Search Examples

Click here to display some examples of using the search for optimal results.

Browse by Topic

If you want to view a list of all topics related to the the software or issue you're interested in, you may want to browse by topic by selecting from a list of categories on the right hand side of the page:

After selecting a category, you may either select a related subcategory, or select articles directly associated with the top level category you selected.

If you have already found a helpful article, and want to see more related articles, you can use the breadcrumbs to browse the categories the article is attached to:

An article may have more than one parent category, allowing you to search broader topics as you select categories further to the left from the article title in the breadcrumbs.

Helpful Resources

The Helpful Resources section of our support portal provides a list of links to forms for purchasing account addons, a link to your billing portal, our blog, forums where you can get personalized help and responses to any questions you may have, video tutorials, and even assistance with contacting us directly.

If you have questions or problems specific to your account, or if you need more assistance than the knowledge base can offer, please contact us via phone or live chat for immediate help.