Proxy Access for cPanel, WHM and Webmail - Needed to Bypass Firewalls

HostGator nameservers (or nameservers which resolve to your HostGator server) must be used in order to use these proxy URLs. Otherwise, A records will need to be created for each subdomain using the IP located in the lower portion of the left column in cPanel so they point to the HostGator server.

cPanel Access URL

With our Linux Shared hosting accounts, users have access to a control panel that contains the admin functions of their account. Generally, access to cPanel can be granted by using the following syntax:

The above URL would convert to the following URL within the address bar:

Unfortunately, the above URLs may cause a problem for some users as it attempts to connect to port 2082; this is an uncommon port and may be blocked by corporate and public firewalls, thus preventing access by the user.

Unable to Use the Access URL?

If the URL above does not work, try accessing cPanel using the following syntax:

This particular syntax does not connect using an uncommon port and will allow access. The same rules apply for accessing Webmail and WHM.


The URL to access WHM without the need to use an uncommon port would be:

Webmail URL

The URL to access webmail without the need to use an uncommon port would be: