Working with Text in Weebly

Adding text to your site is easy. Simply drag any of the text elements to your page. The  text elements available are Title, Paragraph and Paragraph with Title, Paragraph with Picture (learn how to manage images in our Adding Images in Weebly article).

Editing Your Text

Once you have added a text element, you can edit it using the text toolbar.

To make edits, simply highlight the text you want to change and the click on one of the following:

Bold the selected text

Italicize the selected text

Underline the selected text

Change the color of the text

Increase/decrease font size

Reset the pasted text to the default text options on your site

Turn your highlighted text into a link

Align the text to the left (default)                                                                                 

Center the text

Right align the text

Justify the text

Create an ordered list

Create an unordered list

Undo/redo changes