Working with Settings in Weebly

The Settings tab is used to change minor details about how your website is seen in a web browser, such as how your website interacts with search engines like Google or the Bing Network. The Settings tab appears in a popup which is broken into four sections: General Settings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ecommerce Settings and Mobile Settings.

General Settings

In the General Settings tab, you can change various pieces of information that appear publicly to your visitors.

  • Site Title - This is the title of the page that will appear in the browser title bar. It will also appear as the title text at the top of your pages. If you do not want the title to show, simply uncheck the box.

  • Favicon (premium feature) - The favicon is a small logo that appears in your browser's address bar next to your site's URL. If you have a premium account, you will be able to upload your own icon.

  • Site Password (premium feature) - Here you can set a password that will allow you to password protect pages

  • Navigation - This checkbox will group pages that do not appear in your site navigation under a More tab.

  • Facebook Sharing - Here you can connect your Facebook account so that you can share your profile whenever you publish.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO tab is all about making your site more visible to search engines. This is where you can provide keywords about your site for the search engines to index.

  • Site Description - In this field, you can give a brief description for your website. This description will appear directly below your search result in search engines, allowing your visitors to know what your site is about before clicking your link.

  • Meta Keywords - These keywords will not appear on your website directly, but they are visible to the search engines and will aid in indexing your site so that visitors can find your site in a search.

  • Footer Code - If you have code from services such as Google Analytics to assist in tracking visitors, this is where you will want to place that code.

  • Header Code - This area, similar to your footer code, is used for special services. Typically header code is used for Google Webmaster Tools. However, there are various other types of code available for use in the site header.

  • Hide Site from Search Engines - Checking this box will restrict search engine robots from indexing your website entirely.

  • 301 Redirects - This link will allow you to create a redirect to another page. This can be useful if you are moving your site to another platform.

E-Commerce Settings

In this section, you can manage global E-Commerce settings. You can set up and select how the whole site will accept and manage currency.

  • Merchant Account - This allows you to specify the type of account you wish to use to receive currency. You can choose from either Google checkout or from PayPal. Once you select the account you wish to use, you will be prompted to enter your account information.

  • Currency - If you have selected PayPal, you can choose from several different currencies. This will allow you to receive payment in your local currency. At this time, Google Checkout only supports U.S. Dollars.

Mobile Settings

In this section, you can select and control how your mobile website will appear.

  • Enable Mobile - You may not have realized that while you were building your website with Weebly, you were also creating a mobile optimized version of that website. Having this box checked will make sure that your visitors are properly directed to the mobile version of your site when they visit using a mobile device. This box is checked by default. If you don't want a mobile enabled site, simply uncheck this box, and mobile visitors will be directed to your full site instead.

  • Theme Color - You can select a general theme color for the mobile optimized website. This will allow you to fine tune your mobile site for optimal viewing on a mobile device.