Working With Layouts in Weebly

Aside from choosing your theme, Weebly also gives you the ability to select from four different page layouts for any of the pages on your site. You can change these layouts when you are creating a page, or at any time later from the pages tab.

When looking at a page you are editing, you will find the layouts listed directly below the page name field, as seen in the image below.

Here are some examples of each layout.

Large Header

The large header layout is the default for all new pages. The header consists primarily of a large area to display an uploaded image. If you have Weebly Premium, you are also able to use the header area as a slide show.

Small Header

The small header is very similar to the large header layout. However, in this layout the header is smaller than in the large header layout.

No Header

This option allows you to completely remove the header, so that the page does not display an image or any text at the top of the page.


Landing Page

This layout includes a large image, as well as several other elements that make this layout well suited for the home page of your website. The elements included are a large title for the page, a headline title, sub-title text and a button which can be customized to link to any other page on your site.

Keep in mind that the page layouts all affect the header, and do not affect the rest of the page layout. If you would like to customize the layout for the rest of your page, you will want to use the multiple column element. This gives you greater freedom in creating a custom look for your page.