Weebly Tutorial and Walkthrough Part 2

Now that you have taken your first step toward building a website with Weebly, you will want to enhance the site by adding some multimedia features and maybe another page or two.

To learn how to add multimedia features and new pages to your Weebly website, follow along with the video above or the steps below. For more detailed instructions, click on any of the links in the steps below.

  1. Add a new page from the pages tab to use as a gallery.
    • Click Edit Page to start making changes.
  2. Drag and drop a Paragraph with Title from the Elements tab onto your page.
    • Add content to the paragraph to describe your new gallery page.
  3. Add a photo gallery from the >multimedia section of the Elements tab.
    1. Upload the images you want to have in your gallery.
    2. Customize the images as you like.
  4. Add a new page for videos from the pages tab.
  5. Make the video page a sub-page of the gallery page by dragging it to the right on the pages tab.
  6. Order your video page by adding a columns layout.
  7. Add videos to the video page using either of two ways:

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