How do I purchase a private SSL from you and what type is it?

Private SSL certificates can be ordered for any type of hosting HostGator offers except the Hatchling plan.

HostGator is pleased to offer you two options for private SSL certificates. Each protects your site with 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 bit encryption, and each can be ordered for up to three years.

The Positive SSL and Comodo SSL certificates are designed to cover a single domain (like or subdomain (like

Note: While the Positive and Comodo SSL certificates both technically only cover a single domain, HostGator will configure either of these products to cover both your primary domain and the www. subdomain at no extra cost!

Example: You order a Comodo SSL certificate for We will automatically configure it to cover both and

HostGator offers SSL certificates from Comodo, providing a range of options to secure and protect your sites.

Positive SSL and Comodo SSL Certificates

The Positive SSL

The Positive SSL certificate is our most affordable option but offers strong protection for your information, and also includes Comodo's $10,000 limited warranty.

Customers with a Business or Enterprise hosting plan may request a Positive SSL Certificate at no additional charge by ordering from the billing portal or by submitting this form.

Hatchling Plans cannot support an SSL certificate, but can be easily upgraded to our Business plan.

Customers looking to secure a site on any other type of HostGator package can order a Positive SSL certificate for only $50 a year using the SSL order form. Shared hosting customers may order directly from their billing portal using the instructions linked to below:

The Comodo SSL

The Comodo SSL certificate also protects your data with the same security as the Positive SSL. However, each Comodo SSL comes with a $250,000 limited warranty against unauthorized transactions to give your visitors that extra measure of reassurance.

The Comodo SSL certificate is only $99.99 a year. Just go to our easy form to order your Comodo SSL today.

Private SSL Certificates from HostGator

HostGator offers two types of private SSL certificate which may be ordered for up to 3 years via the order form:

Validation Type Domain Domain
Address Bar Color
Price (1 year)
$50 $99.99
Price (2 year)
$95 $189.98
Price (3 year)
$140 $279.97
Warranty level $10,000 $250,000

Free Private SSL Certificate

Business Plan

All Linux Business Hosting and Windows Enterprise Hosting Packages include a Positive SSL Certificate provided by Comodo which is free when requested yearly. To request your free SSL Certificate, please fill out the SSL Form and select the Positive SSL for FREE. You may request your free SSL for multiple years for an additional fee:

Free Positive SSL
Price (1 year)
Price (2 year)
Price (3 year)
Price (4 year)
Price (5 year)


If you have a Hatchling, Baby, or Personal Plan, you may upgrade your account to take advantage of the Free Private SSL Certificate by using our Upgrade Form. Once your account has been upgraded, please follow the above instructions to then get your FREE private SSL.

Verification of Domain Ownership

Comodo Verification

HostGator's SSL order forms have been updated to pull your domain's WHOIS email address for validation purposes. You will then be sent a verification email from Comodo to that address. You will be required to click the verification link in that email. Once that is done, your order will be sent to our validation team for approval.

About SSL

SSLSSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website. It is required to be used on e-commerce sites when accepting credit card payments online.

HostGator Business and Enterprise hosting plans include a Comodo Private SSL Certificate. Several types of SSL Certificates are also available for purchase separately from HostGator and can be added to most hosting plans.