Mailman Mailing List

For the best, easiest, and most effective mailing list solution, HostGator recommends Constant Contact. Constant contact ensures that your mailing lists adhere to all laws without any extra effort from you, and expands to meet your needs without having to worry about throttling your mailing list to meet shared server limitations.

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We do not recommend using the Mailing List tool (Mailman) in cPanel because that tool cannot throttle.

To send more than 500 emails, you must use a mailing program which can throttle emails. We recommend phpList which can be found in QuickInstall within the cPanel.

For more information on how to use phpList, please visit our peer support forum:

Mailing List Limits

There is also a limit to the number of Mailman mailing lists permitted as follows:

Note: This does not apply to other mailing list programs such as phpList. This only applies to Mailman.
  • Hatchling plan: 20 Mailman mailing lists
  • Baby plan: 25 Mailman mailing lists
  • Business plan: 50 Mailman mailing lists
  • Reseller and Dedicated plans: Unlimited Mailman mailing lists

The Mailing List tool can be found in the Mail section of cPanel. To use the tool, click the Mailing List icon and follow the setup instructions (as the default program is Mailman).

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