Can I Get a Copy of My Email Logs?

Shared and Reseller

You do not have access to the email logs for your account; however, we can provide your email logs per domain name by request. Please contact us via phone or Live Chat to request a copy of the logs we have available.

Note: We do not keep long-term email logs on our servers. Retrieval of logs via call or chat may be limited to those from the past 24 hours. A ticket will be required to search for older log files.

VPS and Dedicated Accounts

The default path to exim logs is /var/log/exim_mainlog. If you log in with SSH, you can easily use the cat or more command to view your logs.

SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting now has its own support team!

Visit the SEO Hosting website for contact information, including a new phone number (866-692-9231) and updated chat support buttons.

HostGator staff no longer has access to SEO Hosting accounts and all future support requests should be sent to the new SEO Hosting Support Team.