Sales Tax & VAT Rates

HostGator collects Texas Sales & Use Tax and European Union Value Added Tax (VAT).

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Tax Rates

Here is a list of tax rates that are applied.

Jurisdiction   Tax Rate
United States US  
Texas TX 8.25%*
European Union EU  
Austria AT 20%
Belgium BE 21%
Bulgaria BG 20%
Cyprus CY 19%
Czech Republic CZ 21%
Germany DE 19%
Denmark DK 25%
Estonia EE 20%
Spain ES 21%
Finland FI 24%
France FR 20%
United Kingdom GB 20%
Greece GR 24%
Hungary HU 27%
Ireland IE 23%
Italy IT 22%
Lithuania LT 21%
Luxembourg LU 17%
Latvia LV 21%
Malta MT 18%
Netherlands NL 21%
Poland PL 23%
Portugal PT 23%
Romania RO 20%
Sweden SE 25%
Slovenia SI 22%
Slovakia SK 20%
India IN  
India IN 18%

*In Texas, web hosting is considered a "data processing service" and 20% of the charge is exempt from tax.  The actual amount of tax that is collected is calculated with the appropriate exemptions, where applicable.