Introducing Quick Install Powered by MOJO Marketplace

QuickInstall powered by MOJO Marketplace, a flexible and powerful script auto-installer, is available on all Shared and Reseller plans. QuickInstall powered by MOJO Marketplace makes installing scripts easy and will automatically upgrade your scripts to the latest available version.

You can get Quickinstall powered by MOJO Marketplace for Dedicated and VPS plans with cPanel (currently Plesk is not supported) by submitting a ticket to our support department.

To use Quick Install powered by MOJO Marketplace:

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. Locate the Quick Install icon and click on it:

Once inside of the Quick Install menu, you will have a wide variety of options for installing and managing the software available:

  • You may install software from either the search bar or the list of software on the left hand side bar when One Click Install is selected:

    1. Locate the software you wish to install using either the search bar or the left hand side bar.
    2. Some software will have a variety of installation options and additional packages you may purchase, from this screen you may choose how to proceed. For a basic install, select the free install.
    3. Quick Install will then request basic configuration information for you to enter.
    4. Once you have entered your configuration information, click the install button to continue.
    5. A bar at the top of the page will indicate that Quick Install is running and inform you of when your install is complete.
    6. You may then click View Credentials from the bar at the top of the page to receive your Admin URL, username, and password.
  • You may purchase premium themes, templates, and even specialized WordPress services directly from MOJO Marketplace by clicking either Themes & Templates or WordPress Services.

  • You may manage scripts you have already installed by clicking My Installs.

  • You may link your Mojo Marketplace account by logging into the My Account area at the top of the left hand sidebar with your MOJO Marketplace credentials:

Note: If there is any admin login information, it will be sent to the email address you provide in the installation steps (or the email you have on file with HostGator if an email address is not requested).

Full List of Programs

Note: The links provided below pertaining to PHP Version/System Requirements will direct you to external sites for information from the developer. Please note that HostGator does not maintain these external resources and they are for informational purposes only.  
Billing Software Versions PHP Version/System Requirements
WHMCS (license not included) 5.2.8 5.2.-5.4
Blog Software    
WordPress 3.6.1 5.2.4+
LifeType 1.2.11 5.3+
Calendar Software    
WebCalendar 1.2.6 4.1
Chat Software    
Crafty Syntax Live Help 3.4.1 4.0+
phpFreeChat 1.3 4.1+
X7 Chat 4.2.2+
CMS (Content Management Software)    
b2evolution 4.1.6 5.0+
Concrete5 5.6.1 5.3
Drupal 6 6.28 5.2.x
Drupal 7 7.22 5.3
e107 1.0.3 4.3.0+
glFusion 1.2.2 5.4
Hotaru CMS 1.4.2 5.2.5 - 5.3.2
Joomla 3 3.0.3 5.4
LiveSite 8.6.0 5 - 5.4.x
Mambo 4.6.5 4.1.2+
MODx 2.2.7 5.1.2+
Nucleus CMS 3.65 4.2+
ocPortal 9.0.6 4.2+
Open Atrium 1.5 5.2.x
PHP-Nuke 8.2.4 4.1+
phpwcms 1.6.529 4.3+
Pligg CMS 1.2.2 5+
Saurus CMS 4.7 5.0-5.2.1
Textpattern 4.5.4 5.2.3
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 10.2 5.3
Trendy Site Builder 1.1.0 4+
typo3 4.7.7 5.3-5.5
Xoops 2.5.5 5.3
Zikula 1.3.5 4.3
Directory Software    
DewNewPHPLinks N/A
eCommerce Software    
Magento 5.2-5.3
phpCOIN 1.6.5 4.1+
PrestaShop 5.1+
SugarCRM 6.5.11 5.2 - 5.3
TomatoCart 5.3+
vtiger CRM 6.0.0 N/A
ZenCart 1.5.1 5.2.14-5.3.x
eLearning Software    
Claroline 1.11.5 N/A
Moodle 2.4.3 5.3.2
ePortfolio Software    
Mahara 1.6.3 5.3+
Forum Software    
Advanced Electron Forum 1.0.9 5.0+
bbPress 1.1.0 5.0
MyBB 1.6.9 5.1.0
phpBB 3.0.11 4.3.3+
punBB 1.4.2 4.3.0+
Simple Machines Forum 2.0.4 4.1.0
Gallery Software    
4images 1.7.11 4.0.5+
Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.5.22 4.3.0+
Gallery 3.0.6 5.2.3+
Piwigo 2.5.1 5.2
Pixelpost 1.7.3 5.2
Zenphoto 5.2+
Guestbook Software    
Lazarus Guestbook 1.16 N/A
Mail Software    
Dada Mail 6.1.0 N/A
phpList 2.10.19 5.3+
Project Management Software    
dotProject 2.1.7 5+
PHProjekt 6.0.6 N/A
Push Software    
Z-Push 1.5.4 N/A
Social Networking Software    
Elgg 1.8.14 5
Jcow 7.1.0 5
ThinkUp 1.1.1 5.2+
Support Software    
Mantis Bug Tracker 1.2.15 N/A
OpenDocMan 5
osTicket 1.6.0 5.3
phpMyFAQ 2.7.7 5.3.3+
Survey Software    
Advanced Poll 3.0 N/A
LimeSurvey 2.00 5.3+
phpESP 2.1.4 4.2.1+
Wiki Software    
MediaWiki 1.20.4 5.3.2
PmWiki 2.2.50 5
Wikka 1.3.4 4.1+ 


Please Note: While these scripts are available for installation through QuickInstall, the amount of assistance that can be provided by HostGator Support post-installation is very limited.

It is suggested that you have a website developer or someone with previous experience with the installed product assist you with any post installation issues.

Script coding, customization, and troubleshooting are outside the scope of our support department and you would need to contact a developer for assistance.