Image Special Effects in Weebly

Weebly has a unique set of tools called Image Perfect which will allow you to create some special effects on the images you add to your website. You can access these tools by clicking the Edit button in the floating toolbar that appears over your images as described in our Advanced Image Editing article.

Using these tools, you can:

Add a Second Image

The image perfect toolbar allows you to add a second image to the image container you are manipulating. Adding a secondary image will allow you to create a layered effect without having to use an expensive image editing tool.

When two images are overlapping, you will have access to this toolbar by hovering over the images. The toolbar allows you to move the currently selected image up or down in the layering order or remove it from the container.

If you use multiple images in the same container you will not be able to use the lightbox tool to make your image expand when clicked. If you need to have multiple images in the same space that can expand when clicked, consider using a gallery element instead.

Crop Image

The crop tool allows you to remove elements of an image that you do not wish to keep or reduce the size of the image so that it will fit in a particular space in your web page layout.

To crop an image:

  1. Select the image and then the Crop tool.
  2. You will now see an overlay on the image defining the area to be kept.
  3. The greyed out area will be removed from the image when you click the OK button.
    • You can resize the area to be cropped, by dragging any of the dots around the frame.
  4. When finished, click OK.

Rotate Image

Using the Rotate tool, you can rotate and flip the image to any angle you would like.

  • Use the Left and Right buttons to rotate the image incrementally.
  • Rotate using the slider for a more precise effect.
  • Use the Vertical and Horizontal buttons to flip the image.

Change Opacity of Image

The Opacity tool will allow you to define how transparent your image is. This can be useful if you are using multiple images and wish to attain a special transparency effect or if you want the background of your page to show through. There are many other uses for partially transparent images also.

Fade Image

Image fading is a special form of opacity that allows you to make only part of the image transparent. Using this tool, you can select the opacity of a portion of the image the same way you would with the opacity tool. You can also select a particular side of the image to which the transparency will be applied to first.

Filters & Other Effects

The Effects tool allows you to drastically change the way an image appears.

  • Black & White - removes all colors from the image
  • Antique - creates a sepia effect on the image
  • Polaroid - places the image in a white Polaroid-like frame
  • Burnt - gives the image rough edges