How to create and manage E-mail Accounts in - Plesk 10

Creating Email

  1. Click on the "Mail" tab Mail
  2. Click "Create E-mail Address" icon Create Email
  3. Fill out all the information such as E-mail Address, Password and if you need to you can also change the Mailbox size by clicking on the radio button to the left of "Specify new size" and press Ok.
    Specify New Size

Managing Email

  1. Click on the "Mail" tab Mail
  2. Click on the user name (not the email address)
    Email Address - User - Usage
  3. Here you can easily change the settings and preferences.
    General Information and Panel Preferences

Plesk Parallels Plesk Panel is a web hosting control panel that helps you manage your hosting account and assists you in creating web sites, managing e-mail addresses, & deploying applications to a server.

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