SiteBuilder, What Do I Get?

Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder

We currently offer Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder 4.5.0 and it is available on reseller, VPS and Linux dedicated hosting only. Not currently available on shared or Windows hosting.

All Sitebuilder modules are enabled. The modules are in the Pages section of Sitebuilder, in the middle, towards the bottom. They are called Special Pages and that section offers the following modules:

  • Common Page
  • Blog
  • Image Gallery
  • File Download
  • eShop
  • External Page
  • Flash Intro
  • Forum
  • Guestbook
  • Registration

A demo of Sitebuilder can be located at the following link:

Note: To use Sitebuilder for addon or subdomains, the FTP settings from the Admin Panel must be modified.


Sitebuilder is a professional solution for website design beginners. We can make sure your Sitebuilder account is working, but Sitebuilder offers its own support for using it. There is NO phone support offered by Parallels for Sitebuilder.


Web hosting customers can sign up inside cPanel or the Sitebuilder request form.



Sitebuilder is not compatible with the following products:

  • The 4500 free HostGator templates are not compatible as Sitebuilder has its own built-in templates.
  • Internet Explorer version 10 has shown to be incompatible with Sitebuilder. FireFox or Chrome are recommended when using Sitebuilder.

Availability on Hosting Plans


Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder is no longer being provisioned on shared hosting accounts. Weebly is available as an alternative.

Existing customers who already have Sitebuilder will continue to have access.


As a reseller you will be able to create up to twenty (20) Sitebuilder sites for free. If you require additional Sitebuilder sites, these can be purchased; prices for these are listed below. Resellers do not have to submit multiple Sitebuilder requests; we provide one central reseller login from which you can manage and create all sub-users.

The Sitebuilder Admin account for Resellers can be branded. There is a branding icon under Server and you can upload an image and have it link back to your site.

Dedicated & VPS

A dedicated or VPS owner will have the same features as a reseller Sitebuilder account, except that the site count limit is fifty (50) sites.

Hosting Accounts with Plesk

If your hosting account has Plesk, such as Windows Shared, Windows Dedicated and VPS with Plesk, then we recommend that you try Parallels Web Presence Builder, which is bundled with Plesk.  Parallels Sitebuilder will work with Plesk, however, Web Presence Builder would be a better option.

Additional Sitebuilder Sites

We currently have three Sitebuilder site extension packages for Dedicated Servers, with the following prices:

  • 50 extra sites: $5/mo
  • 100 extra sites: $10/mo
  • 500 extra sites: $25/mo
To order Sitebuilder extension packages for your Dedicated Server, please contact us via phone or Live Chat.