Where Do I Go to Login to My Control Panel?

Instead of a one size fits all approach that many other companies offer, we offer a variety of hosting solutions that better fit your needs. As a result of our expanded offerings, different plans have different control panels.

Login Details in Your Welcome Email

When you signed up for web hosting, you should have received a new account information email (sometimes referred to as a welcome email) with your login information and a link to your control panel.

If you do not have that email, you can contact support via live chat or telephone to request that we send you a new welcome email with your login information.

Using the login information in your welcome email is the best way to login, since the email is customized with your unique login information, including username, password and control panel link.

You can login to your control panel directly or can get to your control panel via the HostGator Client Area (GB Client).

Direct Access

The fastest way to get to your control panel is to login to it directly.


Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans will log into cPanel.
(These accounts do NOT get access to WHM.)

How to log into cPanel?


Reseller, SEO, VPS with cPanel, and Linux Dedicated plans will log into WHM.

How do I log into the Web Host Manager? (WHM)


VPS with Plesk, Windows Shared, and Windows Dedicated plans will log into Plesk.

How do I log into Plesk?

VPS Customers can also login to the Virtuozzo (VZ) Power Panel to reboot their virtual private server and check VPS usage statistics. Read our article on Accessing Virtuozzo Power Panel for details.

Your welcome email and technical support agents usually suggest that you login directly to your control panel.

Please note:  Should you experience issues logging into your SEO Hosting account, you will need to contact them directly for further assistance. 

SEO Hosting now has its own support team!

Visit the SEO Hosting website for contact information, including a new SEO phone number (866-692-9231) and updated chat support buttons.

HostGator staff no longer has access to SEO Hosting accounts and all future support requests should be sent to the new SEO Hosting Support Team.

Access via the HostGator Client Area

Shared and reseller customers can also find the link to the control panel in their Client Area (GB Client).

After you login, go to View Hosting Packages.

Step by Step instructions

  1. Hosting Packages MenuLogin to http://gbclient.hostgator.com (Need help logging in?)
  2. On the left navigation column, in the "Hosting Packages" section, click on
    "View Hosting Packages."
  3. Information about your packages will be displayed, including your username, password* and a link to your control panel.

    View Hosting Packages

    Although not seen in this screenshot, the password for the account is listed as well. Note the username and password, since we will need it for the next step.

  4. Click on the Login URL listed with the package.  For shared accounts, it will say "cPanel Login" and reseller accounts will say "WHM Login," for example.
  5. Enter your username and password you noted in step 3.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

Currently, VPS clients can access their VZ panel via the Client Area, but not cPanel or Plesk.  VPS and dedicated server users will need to login directly using the information we emailed you.  (We can email it again if you lost it.)

Passwords not visible?

*If your password is not visible, you can go to "Edit Account Settings" (link in the left column) and change it to show passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have a universal login?

HostGator has a wide variety of offerings, which means that different types of hosting have different ways to login. For example, shared hosting uses cPanel, but Windows hosting uses Plesk. Other companies may only offer one solution, but since HostGator offers many solutions, how you login depends on which product you purchased.

Why does the Client Area (Billing Tool) and the Control Panel have a different username and password?

Many of our customers have a web designer manage or update their site for them. Having a separate login for the control panel, that can be given to the web designer, creates a safe way for the web designer to update your account while keeping the customer's financial information and billing account secure.

Need assistance?

If you still need help, please contact support via live chat or phone for further assistance.