Steps to Making a Form on Your Website Where People Can Email You Information (FormMail)

For help creating an online form to allow visitors to send you emails directly from your website, please view the following tutorial:

Updating the Existing Mail Form

If you would like to update your existing email form, simply copy the new FORM tag and paste it over your current FORM tag. You will also need to copy each INPUT tag which says type="hidden".

Here is an example of a FORM tag:

<form action="" method="post">

Using a FormMail Generator

You can create your own custom online forms using a form generator, like phpFormGenerator. Please be sure to review important information on how to use phpFormGenerator as it requires special setup.

For additional assistance with php FormMail Generator, you will need need to contact a developer. HostGator does not support third party website design and coding.

Troubleshooting FormMail

When you set up our formmail script, you might receive the following error message:

Sorry I can't send to Is on this server?

To resolve this issue, you must code the script to use a local email address to receive all the posts. The error should say, "Please use an email address which is hosted on this server."