Choosing a Theme in Weebly

The first step in designing a good website with Weebly is choosing a theme that matches your content and overall design. However, during the design process, things may change and you may wish to use a different theme. Fortunately, you can change your theme at any time by going to the Design tab in Weebly.

Choosing a Theme

There are over a hundred themes to choose from that include a variety of color choices and allow further customization.

Search and Sort through Themes

To narrow down your options, you can try sorting the themes. They can be sorted by category, popularity and most recently uploaded.

Preview Theme

When you scroll over a theme, you can click Preview to see an example of how your pictures and content will appear in this new theme.

An example of the preview button showing when a theme is hovered over.


If you like the theme you can click Use Theme from the toolbar at the top of the preview screen; Otherwise, you can click Cancel and look through some of the other themes. Additionally, you can choose a different color to see the theme in a different scheme. 

Customize Your Theme

Once you have selected a theme you like, you can use the Design Options section to fine tune your theme.

Design options can be found between Favorites and All Themes in the Design tab on the left side

From the design options section, you can change several components of the theme. While these changes are optional, they can have a significant impact on the final appearance of your website. These options will allow you to alter the fonts, font colors and font size for the:

  • Site Title and Paragraph Title
    example of the site title portion of the Design Options tools
  • Paragraph Text (most of the text content of your site will probably be paragraph text)
    An example of the paragraph text section of the Design Tools
  • Links
    The links section of the Design Options