Billing / Support System Account Overview Page

The Account Overview Page is the home page of HostGator's Billing/Support System, also referred to as GB Client (or GatorBill Client). It is the first page you see when you login to the Billing & Support System.

You can log into your billing account by visiting:

On the left hand side will be the menu that allows you to get to all the other pages.

You can find the following items on the Account Overview (Home) page:

Current Invoices

  • A listing of recent invoices, with current balance and links to the invoices themselves.
  • View All Past Invoices link
  • Pay Bill Now button

Recent Support History

  • A listing of recent support tickets, with links to each ticket.
  • View All Past Tickets link
  • Add Email Address button, which allows you to see support tickets submitted at a different email address you control.
  • Create a New Ticket button

Package Statistics

  • A summary of hosting packages associated with your account.
  • Add New Package button

Note: There is a View Hosting Package link in the left side menu that takes you to the page listing all of your hosting packages.

Payment History

  • A list of recent payments, with links to the related invoices.
  • View All Past Payments link, which takes you to the page listing all payments on your account.

Additional Features

At the top of the page, you can also find:

  • Our phone number, for easy reference (1.866.964.2867)
  • A button to start Live Chat with a support agent
  • A link to our Facebook page
  • A link to our Twitter account