Adding Images in Weebly

In Weebly, there are several ways to work with images. To add images to your website you will want to use an element that contain images:

  • Paragraph with Picture
  • Picture   

Add an Image

To add one of these elements to your page, drag and drop the element onto the page wherever you like. This will present you with a placeholder image that you can click to upload a custom image from your computer, select from your favorite images or select from a web address.

Edit the Image

Once you have uploaded the image you wish to use, you can manipulate the image using the bar that appears at the top of the screen beneath the main Weebly toolbar. From this tool bar you can configure the position of the image, border size and border color. You can even replace the image with a different one if you'd like.

If you have selected the Paragraph with Picture element, you will not be able to center the image.

In addition to these, there are many other advanced options available. To learn more, please read: